Build Your Own Zoo and Save the Animals!

Calling all Zoo Guardians: animals around the world need your help! Fight global extinction by joining the Young Guardians Initiative—learn how to be a zoologist and conservation hero. .

  • Build and Customize Your Zoo – Be a Zoo Architect and create the perfect zoo. Set up the unique conditions for each animal needs to thrive!
  • Care for the Animals - Become a zoologist as you adopt and care for the needs of over 58 different animals, including endangered and threatened species. Interact with animals in your own world via augmented reality!
  • Complete Quests - Become a conservation hero and defend the world against the villains that threaten animal extinction. Connect with friends, contribute to the World Watch missions and earn rewards that help everyone!
  • Save the Animals - Fight global extinction by nurturing your animals to their best wellness using techniques you learn from your Smithsonian’s National Zoo mentor. Get your animals ready for relocation back to their native lands. Collect rewards for preparing your healthy animals for reintroduction!
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