Build Your Own Zoo and Save the Animals!
Driftwood Sign
Driftwood Sign

The animals of the world need your help! BUILD the perfect zoo while CARING for, FEEDING and SAVING animals, all through the lens of Smithsonian animal care and conservation science.

The Oceans and Coasts expansion just made a splash in your zoo! Check out a new biome with new semi-aquatic animals like sea turtles, Humboldt penguins, sea otters and California sea lions. Plus catch animals around your zoo swimming and dive into new quests!

  • Build and Customize Your Own Zoo
  • Care for Your Animals
  • Collect Fun Fact Cards & Level Up Your Zoo IQ
  • Interact in Augmented Reality
  • Save Animals & Fight Global Extinction

Become a conservation hero today - download Zoo Guardians for free!

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